I. S. X Philosophy

We contribute to creation of social value filled with richness and hapiness through providing quality products and services accompanied by electronics based on creativity and reliable technical skills.

I. S. X has built a structure of 30 members by promoting development and manufacture of Flat Panel Display Inspection Devices as the main line of business since the establishment in 1998. We commit to keep on practicing business with high regards for "speed" and "after-sales service" upholding our founding company convictions.
Toward the progress 5 years, 10 years and 20 years later, we create the future of I. S. X focusing on "evolving".

Expanding new start-up business
While we place the flagship business of Flat Panel Display Inspection Devices at the center, we also started to bring up and advance new businesses such as Electronic Component Sales and Commissioned Development.
Enhancing human resources development
On the basis of fundamental organizational framework we've cultivated for more than 10 years since the establishment, we develop human resources capable of making business decision independently to build up company base and step up the management.